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Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

We implemented a Customer Loyalty Rewards program a couple of years ago.  The program we are using comes from Preferred Patron who specializes in Loyalty Rewards programs.

When you initially sign-up for the program you receive 25 points.  Points are given for each $1.00 spent at the store.  You can redeem points for dollar amount discounts towards future purchases.  This includes anything bought in the store: snacks, drinks, tournament entry fees, and products.  For instance you can get $1.00 off with 35 points and up to $35 off when you reach 450 points. 

Points add up very quickly.  We've already have a few customers who are close to the 450 point level and some have already used multiples of this!  

There are other rewards that are included in the program but I don’t want to confuse the issue by giving you too many of the details.  I’ll add to this post as we fully integrate all of the rewards and make them available to you.  Just know that the program was started as a means to reward my loyal customer base.  Come on in to sign-up and start receiving the rewards benefits immediately.